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    Energy Storage

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Welcome to the website of the HERMS technologies GmbH

Services - Energy Storage

As a service provider for energy storage we are able to offer you support from concept, through design, right up to assembly and construction as well as commissioning. We cater to your special requirements, to deliver you the exact energy storage solution, which you need. On our test bench, we have the facilities to test individual cells as well as complete energy storage units both dynamically and statically. From our wealth of experience of electric drive systems, we are able to make crucial contributions which will be put to use in your project. It is not only technical elements which take priority, but also issues related to safety. Our staffs are certified professionals and are trained in dealing with high voltage systems in automobiles.

Here is a small selection of energy storage units, which we have already used in the development and assembly of prototypes:

Technical data:      
Cytochemistry Lithium(Lipo) Lithium(Lipo) Lithium(LiFePo4)
Voltage/tension nominal (V) 44.4 370 36.3
Current nominal (A) 150 480 150
Current peak (A) 300 800 300
Mass [kg] 12.4 44 5.2
Volume (l) 6.2 26 3.5
Capacity nominal [kWh] 1.42 5.92 0.71
Casing/Housing [-] CFK Aluminum frames with plastic structural cladding Aluminum
Application [-] ebike racing car scooter