Here are some of our references which our
clients have allowed us to publish.

audi logo
skoda logo

HERMS Technologies handle prototype development projects for Skoda focusing mainly on electric drive technology. This includes drive concepts, development of components and integration into vehicles as well as commissioning and test runs.

vohl logo

We developed a central control unit for special use in motor sport for the company VOHL. The control unit provides both power for all the components from the on-board power supply as well as comprehensive control and safety functions. What makes this stand out as a control unit is the electronic switches, which are capable of switching at high currents and offer safety option. In order to handle the communication with the configuration of the control unit, we developed a PC software platform.

iav logo

We have developed and assembled a permanently magnetic synchronous machine within an external rotor design for IAV Chemnitz. We handled the whole process, in electrical design, mechanical construction, stress analysis, current simulation and cooling design right up to assembly. A complete, care-free solution.

mifa logo

As the largest german bicycle manufacture, we offer solutions for both electric drive technology and electronical controlling.

ziegler logo

As one of the internationally leading suppliers of vehicles for the fire service, we develop specialized mechanical equipment for use in these specialized vehicles.

sam logo

This company (SAM) has raised the bar with a bang with their uncompromising racing cars in the DAKAR race and in 2013 reached an impressive 13th place in the overall rankings from 153 starting cars. We have enjoyed working in this great project, in wiring, electrics/electronics and control.

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