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    Experienced, Fast, Flexible

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Welcome to the website of the HERMS technologies GmbH

Services - Experienced, Fast, Flexible

In our services, we are able to make projects into a reality, according to your individual requirements. We therefore work closely together with you, to find complete solutions to satisfy your needs.

We therefore prioritize communication!

During projects, problems leading to the postponing of appointments, as well as others, crop up due to a lack of communication. From our own experiences of dealing with business partners and our drive to reach project developments quickly and efficiently, we rely on open, consistent communication with the client to allow for regular project status updates.

Your assignment Plus our operation Gleich collective success!

We are able to offer you services in the following areas:

Overview of our services

  • Drive technology

    We are able to provide services from the conception of a single traction motor right up to making a...
  • Energy Storage

    As a service provider for energy storage we are able to offer you support from concept, through design, right up to...
  • Electrics/Electronic

    Elektrik / Elektronik
    First and foremost in the electronics development, we are able to offer significant added value to traditional/classic electronic development...
  • Software Development

    Regardless of whether you just want a part for a system or for single use, or if you simply wish to...
  • Complete Vehicle Integration

    For complete integration into vehicles, we include already/pre-existing or also newly developed...
  • Motorsport

    As big motor sport enthusiasts ourselves, we always get excited when we receive enquiries in this area...
  • Prototypes/assembly

    We are able to assemble individual prototype parts right up to large-scale modules...

We are able to work with you throughout the process chain, from the concept and design through construction right up to the assembly and commissioning of the prototype development. If it should continue further, we will take you through to serial production, within our strong partnerships.

A one-stop solution. Simple and straightforward.