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Welcome to the website of the HERMS technologies GmbH

Our Company

What started out as an idea to create something new in the traditional automobile region of West Saxony, together with some innovative ideas for the future, resulted in a longing for a company, which completely takes on these qualities.

We, HERMS Technologies are a technology company, which started out from the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau and which specializes in the development of electric motors, control units and vehicle prototypes.

„Creating E-motion“, for us, means to electrify the world, contributing to CO2 reduction and delivering quality products made in Germany.

In our office in the heart of Zwickau, we work on both individual projects according to your specific requirements and also develop our own products.

We also have a 400m2 production hall available which allows us to take our calculations to testing for use in the real world. The hall consists of floor space for creating prototypes and includes also test benches for testing electric engines as well as energy storage (system(s)).



You will find innovative and bespoke solutions which best fit your individual requirements. Our founders have a wealth of experience, having worked for the Formula Student team and also in the industrial construction of prototypes. As well as this they also have strong partnerships in assembly, serial production and in research.

The result is quick, punctual and unconventional solutions which work in close cooperation with the customer.

Don’t just take our word for it, come and experience it for yourself - we would love to hear from you!